The basics: Sibley uses the company Press Ganey to administer and analyze the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) HCAHPS survey, which monitors inpatient feedback and perceptions of care. We use this data to rank ourselves against our peers and identify areas of improvement. As an organization, we are striving for the 55th percentile in our Success Sharing Goal of 550 for inpatient areas, and the 60th percentile in our average Success Sharing Goal of 600 for the ED, Ren, Outpatient, and Ambulatory Surgery areas.

The details: The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey was developed by CMS to measure patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience. We use Press Ganey, a data warehouse and analytics company, to manage the HCAHPS process (including sampling, data storage, analysis, and reporting). The sampling procedure entails surveying all eligible patients’ 2 weeks after discharge. Data submitted to Press Ganey is used by CMS to calculate Sibley’s HCAHPS scores and publicly report scores using the “star” rating system (which currently rates us 2 out of 5 Stars) on the Hospital Compare website.

There are two ways to measure survey responses. One is through “top-box” scores that directly correlate to CMS reimbursements and “star” ratings. A “top-box” score indicates how often patients selected the most positive response category when asked about their hospital experience (“Always”, “Yes”, “Yes definitely”). The higher a hospital’s “top-box” score, the higher it ranks among participating hospitals. Thus, the second method of measurement uses percentile rank. Percentile rank is how Sibley compares to over 1000 hospitals in the Press Ganey database. We use percentile rank to measure patient experience and our Success Sharing goals. For example, even if 85% of patients responded their pain was “always” well managed, this could correlate to a 50th percentile rank if other hospitals are outperforming our top-box score.

Areas that receive a survey from Press Ganey

  • All Inpatient areas (uses HCAHPS survey)*
  • Emergency Department
  • Renaissance Skilled Nursing Unit
  • Outpatient Areas: Imaging, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, & Rehab
  • Ambulatory Surgery Areas: 2A, Endoscopy, & SASC*

*CMS-approved surveys

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