Meet the Domain Champions

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The Patient Experience Council, chaired by our CNO Joanne Miller and CMO Larry Ramunno, kicked off this past August. The purpose of the council is to provide strategic oversight to advance patient and family centered care. In particular, the focus is on the patient experience, advancing clinical excellence, and enhancing the delivery of compassionate care.
Joanne and Larry provide leadership and guidance to the council while overseeing the development of annual goals aligned with HCAHPS domains. Each domain is chaired by Sibley leaders. The domain champions establish, oversee, and consult with interdisciplinary teams to develop specific and effective strategies focusing on their identified area of responsibility.

Meet the Domain Champions

Nurse Communication

Domain Champion: Christine Inglisa – Nurse Manager, 6B
Domain Champion: Timothy Tomlinson – Nurse Manager, ED
Support: Angela Stoehr – Project Manager, Patient Care Services

Responsiveness of Staff

Domain Champion: Patricia Haresign – Education and Training Specialist, PCS – Education/Research/Training
Domain Champion: Lina Chabala – Nurse Manager, Critical Care
Support: Kevin Silk – Administrative Intern, Support Services

Communication about Medication

Domain Champion: Connie Brock – Education/Training Specialist, PCS – Education/Research/Training
Domain Champion: Ikenna Unegbu – Clinical Staff Pharmacist, Pharmacy Administrative
Support: Colleen Ricketts – Pharmacy Office Coordinator, Pharmacy Administrative


Domain Champion: Juan Ochoa – Manager, Environmental Services
Domain Champion: James Thomas – Director Emergency Mgmt. & Hospital Safety, PCS – Respiratory Therapy
Support: Tina Randolph – Administrative Assistant, Support Services and Clinical Operations

Doctor Communication

Domain Champion: Dr. Hasan Zia – Medical Director, Critical Care
Domain Champion: Dr. Therese O’Donnell – Medical Director, Hospitalists
Support: Tanuka Raj – Administrative Resident, Administration

Pain Management

Domain Champion: Dr. Dhiraj Jagasia – Physician, Department of Anesthesiology
Domain Champion: Alyson Stalzer – Nurse Practitioner, Patient Safety Manager
Support: Marguerite Kriss – Staffing Manager, Patient Care Services

Discharge Communication & Care Transitions

Domain Champion: Dr. Jennifer Abele – Director, ED
Domain Champion: Matthew Brown – Geriatric Nurse Navigator & Resource Nurse
Support: Sheila Berry – Administrative Assistant, Patient Safety and Quality

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